Is there training for new agents at Alessi Realty Group?

At Alessi Realty Group, we offer a variety of training options for new agents. Our monthly sales meetings cover topics such as current market trends, local laws and regulations, and industry best practices. We also provide a daily huddle every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning to discuss current deals and strategies. Our 15 live training sessions per month help new agents develop their skills quickly. Additionally, we have on-demand training available through our proprietary in-house Element training platform including our Apprenticeship Tract and Mastery Tract. Our 90 Day roadmap to success is designed to help new agents reach their goals quickly. To get you up to speed quickly, we provide training on the fundamentals of a real estate business such as buyer & seller bootcamps, mortgage, title & escrow, home warranty and home inspection. Plus, you will have access to one-on-one coaching with experienced agents.

In short, we are dedicated to helping new agents succeed by providing them with the necessary training they need.

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