What is your onboarding process for agents joining Alessi Realty Group?

At Alessi Realty Group, we want to make sure that agents joining our group have the best possible experience from start to finish. When you decide to join us, we begin with a consultation to discuss technology, support, training, and culture. Once you’ve decided that we’re mutually the right fit for each other, we help you with handling all the paperwork to get you transferred in.

Once you’ve been officially transferred, we have an onboarding process that includes an orientation and walk-through of your first 90 days with us. Our training doesn’t end after the first 90 days; we are continuously providing ongoing support through our Element platform and training offerings for any experience level.

We can go through the onboarding process at your own pace, and you can plan to be fully up and running as a member of Alessi Realty Group in no time!

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