What kind of marketing do you offer to help sell agent’s listings at Alessi Realty Group?

At Alessi Realty Group, we understand that success in real estate begins with great marketing. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of marketing services to our agents, all designed to help them sell their listings quickly and effectively.

We help you leverage a variety of tactics from the tried and true to the cutting edge to maximize exposure for your listings.

Online Marketing:
We use Listhub.com to market your listings to 900+ websites, helping you get it front of millions of views online. We also provide you with a dedicated KVcore website geared towards generating on demand postings for social media and classified sites. We also offer enhanced photography services to make sure your listings shine wherever they’re seen. That photography combined with our beautiful templates for online and social posts guarantees that your listings will look their best online.

Offline Marketing:
We also offer a range of offline marketing services to help you get your listings in front of buyers. Our open house strategy includes circle prospecting and farming, and we provide an open house kit complete with flyers, informational packets, and signage. And our beautiful flier, mail marketing, door knocking, and farming templates make it easy to keep up with your marketing efforts.

Direct to Agent Marketing:
We also promote your listings to our network of 21,000 real estate agents in the Las Vegas area. In our weekly Life Realty sales meetings up to 300 agents see your listing first hand. Plus, our private Facebook group just for internal agents allows you to market your listings directly to them.
Lastly, we offer one-on-one coaching with our agents to discuss further marketing efforts when needed, so you can come up with custom strategies or focus on more important listings.

No matter what type of listing it is, Alessi Realty Group has the tools and experience necessary to help you get your listings sold fast.

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